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Fleet management is the application of analysis techniques and resources that help companies identify and resolve issues related to the day-to-day lives of their vehicles and drivers, with the aim of increasing efficiency, productivity, road safety and reducing costs .

What does fleet management software do?

A fleet management system helps in collecting and processing data from all vehicles in the fleet.This data contributes significantly to efficient and effective fleet management, allowing informed and optimized decision-making.

Some of the features of fleet management software:

  • Real-time tracking of each vehicle;
  • Monitoring of all routes taken by the vehicle;
  • Control and warning of the driving style carried out;
  • Alert for excessive speed or inappropriate idling;
  • Management of vehicle-related costs such as fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, among others;
  • Fuel levels in tanks;
  • Identification of drivers associated with each vehicle;
  • Management of rental, maintenance or insurance contracts;
  • Remember important dates such as upcoming maintenance, revisions or contract end dates.
  • Profitability analysis;
  • Analysis of the performance of each driver;
  • Consideration of other relevant details;

Benefits of Fleet Management

1. Planning
With a fleet management system, you can significantly reduce unforeseen events, both in terms of expenses and planning, which so often prevent the provision of a superior quality service.

2. Seguran├ža
By using GPS to locate vehicles, you will be able to reinforce the security of your vehicles, drivers and cargo, being able to monitor your vehicles in situations of theft or emergencies on the road.

3. Fuel savings
You can save fuel by adopting a more economical driving style, controlling acceleration, speed and idling time.

4. Deadline control
Control deadlines and important dates so that nothing is forgotten.

5. Decrease in CO2 emissions
By using a fleet management system, it is possible to promote road safety and efficient and economical driving through the analysis of consumption data, thus contributing to a more sustainable planet.

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